Moldova is one of the most underprivileged countries in Europe. Its ongoing disputes with its neighbour Russia over energy supplies and poorly managed resources are limiting its progress. This gives rise to numerous volunteering opportunities in many sectors of Moldovan society.

During difficult times, unfortunately, children suffer the most. With economic hardships at their peak, many families cannot even provide for their own children. Under such circumstances many are placed in orphanages or care homes that are short of money and staff. Volunteers can work with children of different age groups. They can keep the younger children entertained by playing games or help older children with homework or teach English. Volunteers are housed with local host families and use the local transport to reach the place of work.

Moldova has a growing economy and as such there are internship opportunities for interested volunteers in business, management, marketing, accountancy, and legal sectors. All volunteers are placed under the supervision of an English speaking supervisor and posted in the capital city of Chisinau. Depending on individual interests, volunteers can work in departments of their choice in small businesses wishing to host volunteers.

Other volunteer options in Moldova include placements in medical projects. Projects ranging from small clinics to full sized hospitals use volunteers for varying lengths of time. Volunteers without any experience get to observe while those with experience are placed accordingly. This is an ideal opportunity for those thinking of getting into the medical profession, or those already in it, and just want some experience.


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