Hungary has many volunteering options to suit all kinds of tastes. Some of the options are teaching English, working with orphans, helping the local NGOs, or working in healthcare projects.

There are many international organizations that register volunteers to work in Hungary. Volunteers normally have to pay a small fee. Part of the fee is used for the volunteer’s food, lodging and any necessary training, while the bulk of it is put into the project.

Football and other sport summer camps are one way to volunteer. Volunteers coach children between the ages of 6 and 14 for a minimum two weeks. The children get to polish their football and English language skills by interacting with the volunteers. The volunteers in return, get references and the chance to develop their coaching skills. Additionally, the volunteers can explore Hungary in their free time and weekends.

There are also many teaching programs that require volunteers. Teachers are placed in bilingual schools throughout Hungary. The idea is to provide native English speakers to schools which otherwise would not have access to them. At times some schools even request teachers for other subjects like History, British/American Literature, or Civilization. These programs usually last from 7 to 12 months. The students have the benefit of learning a language from a native speaker and the teachers gain valuable experience, learn some Hungarian and travel to European countries in close proximity during breaks.


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