Education is highly valued in Ireland and this is reflected in its literacy rate of 99%. The country has an abundance of internationally ranked universities and colleges. Four Nobel Laureates in Literature have come out of Ireland.

Forty percent of the Irish population is under the age of 25 years, they are full of life and welcoming to the international students. These are just some of the reasons that make Ireland the ideal place to study.

Ireland appeals to foreign English speaking students because their needs are catered to. Since English is the medium of instruction in all Irish institutes, students may have to pass a proficiency test in the language. To be accepted to an undergraduate program, the student must achieve a minimum score of 550 in the paper based TOEFL examination. They must also have completed secondary school in their home countries, and take a public examination in Ireland securing the required minimum marks set by the university they intend to join. Admission criteria for Irish universities are fairly simple.

Merit based funding is available for deserving students, something other western universities are cutting down on. Irish universities offer a wide variety of programs like Technologies, Communications, Environmental Science, History and Peace & Conflict Studies. Students learn by taking responsibility, and critical thinking is encouraged.

Studying in Ireland gives students a large variety of things to do. It opens doors to rest of Europe, allowing students to travel throughout the continent during breaks. There are plenty of pubs with live music to explore. For students who enjoy outdoor activities, Ireland offers beautiful scenery, great waves along the west coast, and a number of festivals.


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