Children up to the age of 16 are required to attend school by law in Andorra. There are three separate school systems French, Spanish and Andorran functioning in the country. Teachers employed in French and Spanish schools are paid for by their own governments. Andorran schools use the Spanish curriculum and pay for their own teachers. The diplomas earned by the students in Andorran schools are recognized by the educational system in Spain.

Due to the small size of the country and limited number of students there is only one university in Andorra. Most of its programs are offered through distance learning in collaboration with French or Spanish universities. Students can get degrees in nursing, computer science, education services and business administration. Majority of the local students just go to Spain or France for higher studies, with less than 30% opting to continue education locally. The university does have two graduate schools; the School of Nursing and the school of Computer Science.

Summer or short term study options in Andorra are very limited. With most of its own students going abroad, there has never been a need for development in this sector. However, with some effort some short term study options can be found. An introductory course of forty hour duration in designing sports equipment aimed at engineering students is offered in Spanish. There is an option of two programs available. There is a less costly program without accommodation and one slightly more costly with accommodation in a three star hotel for six nights.


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