Moldova established free trade in 1995 and with that there was an immediate boost in investment in the country by foreign companies. Additionally, the government has made major efforts to improve infrastructure, thus increasing job opportunities for the local population. Despite all this unfortunately, the Moldovan job scenario is still rather bleak for the foreign worker.   

Most of the new businesses setting up in Moldova tend to hire their workers abroad or promote from within. Hence there are very few opportunities to get hired for professional jobs in Moldova.

Being a poor country there are many opportunities for unpaid volunteer work. Small businesses are willing to allow fresh graduates to work in upper tiers of management, thus allowing them to gain experience but without any pay.

Best opportunity for casual work in Moldova comes in the form of teaching English. This is provided you are a native English speaker or someone with proper qualifications. Visiting lecturers for university and college courses taught in English also stand a chance for employment. The ideal way for landing such jobs in Moldova is to go through the local newspapers or just visit in person and inquire about job openings.

Regardless of the fact that Moldova is a beautiful country with many interesting sites, tourism infrastructure is not fully developed. Some jobs in this sector can be found with an effort in major cities. The pay for most jobs is meagre by European standards, but then the day to day living in Moldova is not as expensive either. So, for those really interested, it can be managed. 


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