Kazakhstan is emerging as a leader of natural gas and oil supplier in the world. It has also become a major uranium supplier and is a producer of rare earth metals needed for manufacture of high tech merchandise. It is the most stable country in the region and rising on the international economic indexes meaning there is potential for work in Kazakhstan.

While a large number of multinational companies are setting up base in Kazakhstan, they tend not to be interested in hiring foreigners who apply locally. They prefer to bring in people who have already been working with them. However some international law firms offer jobs in Kazakhstan to English speakers on consultation basis. Teaching English in Kazakhstan language schools is another option for the foreign workforce, while there are plenty of such schools; understand that the pay is not that great. What the schools can do is provide some introductions, as businessmen, government officials and college students use these schools to learn English.

Individuals with a degree of international standing in law or engineering stand a better chance of landing a job in the country. The city of Almaty, a former capital, is still home to many embassies and international organizations working in oil, drilling, accounting and banking services. Having experience in related fields brighten the chances of landing a job. Additionally Almaty has a array of exceptional restaurants, nightclubs and bars to entertain the country’s rich and in the past foreigners have held management job in such establishments. One needs to remember however, that local hires get local salaries in Kazakhstan.


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