Following the conclusion of civil conflict in the 90’s Guinea Bissau has become a very suitable destination for work due to, a large number of international organizations and existence of unexploited petroleum deposits. This position is reflected in the current World Bank agenda for Guinea Bissau that has ushered significant reforms aimed to promote governance and economic growth.

Plan international is among the major international organizations in Guinea Bissau. The organization has been in the country since 1995 assisting disadvantaged children in access to education, health, protection and sanitation. For individuals interested in community work or capable of providing suitable interventions such organizations present a suitable connection.

In addition to Plan, UNHCR and Amnesty International among others are operational in Guinea Bissau. Internship with organizations such as UNHCR and Amnesty International can provide much needed resume credits for human rights and journalism students.

The existence on unexploited petroleum deposits in Guinea Bissau implies availability of some opportunities for experts in geology and mining within the country. Organizations such as CGG that have undertaken extensive geological surveys of the country can be useful in providing jobs and direction to potential employers within the region. In addition to this may be useful in finding available jobs in the country. The government is currently very impressed and supportive of mining activity in the country.

Due to the relatively small number of higher learning institutions, widespread use of Portuguese and a relatively low literacy rate in the country, English instruction using easily acquired TESOL certification can provide suitable work opportunities for individuals interested in travel and learning about various regions of the world. 


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