Working in France is a rewarding opportunity that allows you to delve into the local culture while earning a living. If you are unsure how to get started, then first consider the type of work experience you want.

Some jobs are easier to come by than others. For example, there are plenty of opportunities to teach English. Local agencies will connect you to everyone from school children to corporate professionals. You can also apply directly to schools to work as an English professor. All you need is proof of experience and/ or an ESL teaching certificate. If you are American, it is well worth the effort to check out the TAPIF program.

You should also check out major French job searching portals like or for potential work. Websites like these can connect you to potential employers who are looking for bilingual people like yourself. That said, you must be able to speak competent French. You will not be able to get a good position without it. Keep this in mind as you apply for more advanced and better paying jobs in France.

Once you have secured your job then it will be necessary to get the right work visa and permission from the governing body of workers in France. Your employer will be able to help you with this step. It might be difficult to find a job in France, but once hired with a contract it is virtually impossible for them to fire you.


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