1.   Definitions

The following definitions shall apply to these terms and conditions:

Advertisement refers to any published advertisement introduced in any digital format anywhere in or on the International Wanderer website. 

Digital format refers to any web page operated by the International Wanderer.

Customer refers to the person who submits a request for an advertisement, regardless of the person’s relationship with the product or service that is being advertised.

2.   Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

2. 1. These terms and conditions apply to any advertisement, regardless of nature or purpose, published on any web page operated or controlled by the International Wanderer.

2.2 By placing an order, the customer bounds him or herself to accept these terms and conditions in full.

3.   Content and Publishing of Advertisements

3. 1. By placing an advertisement order, the customer grants the International Wanderer a worldwide, royalty-free right to publish, republish, or reproduce the advertisement on any page operated by the International Wanderer, as stated in the advertisement order.

3.2. The International Wanderer reserves its right to cancel, reject, or require changes of the advertisement submitted for publishing, without any responsibility towards the customer, as long as the International Wanderer feels that the advertisement does not comply with these terms and conditions.

3.3 By placing an advertisement order, the customer guarantees the International Wanderer that:

(i) the information and material provided as advertisement are accurate, truthful, complete, and not purposefully misleading. 

(ii) the content of the advertisement is in compliance with any existing law.

(iii) the customer has previously obtained the consent of any living person or entity whose image or name is used in the content of the advertisement.

(iv) the advertisement is not in any way prejudicial to either the image or name of the International Wanderer or any other entity.

(v) the content of the advertisement will not cause the malfunction of the International Wanderer website.

(vi) the advertisement submitted for publishing is in accordance with the International Wanderer’s technical specifications (which are subject to revision at any given point)


4.   Payment

4. 1 Any advertisement is accepted on the grounds that it will be paid for according to the applicable rates established on the rate card at the date of the publication. The International Wanderer reserves its rights to change applicable rates at any given moment, changes which will take effect immediately. Changes do not apply to an advertisement order placed before the date of the changes.

4.2 All payments towards the International Wanderer should be made according to the following financial terms:

 (i) any new customer is required to pre-pay for the advertisement.

(ii) the customer fully agrees that he/she is bided by the rates set out in the rate card.

(iii) by setting up an agreement with the International Wanderer, the customer ensures that he/she is in full capacity to enter a binding financial contract.

5.   Warranties

5. 1. By entering an advertisement contract with the International Wandered, the customer agrees to the following:

(i) all content and material supplied to the International Wanderer is accurate and does not contain anything that may pose a liability on the International Wanderer.

(ii) the content and material supplied to the International Wanderer is not in any way defamatory, obscene, or fraudulent.

(iii) the advertisement does not infringe copyright or intellectual property rights of any third party.

(iv) the International Wanderer does not commit itself to endorsing neither the customer nor its products and services.

(v) if the advertisement contains a prize or promotion, the customer agrees that he/she is the only responsible party for providing this said prizes.

(vi) the content or nature of the advertisement is in no way discriminatory, on grounds of sex, religion, belief, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or age.

(vii) in the absence of prior consent on behalf of the International Wanderer, the advertisement should not include cookies, beacons, tracking devices, or any other device that is able to track and/or record online behaviour.

5.2 The International Wanderer warrants to all customers that it shall conduct its responsibilities with reasonable care and skill, as set out in these terms and conditions.

5.3. The customer agrees that International Wanderer makes no warranties for the following:

(i) that the content of the advertisement will be made available to people living in a particular jurisdiction.

(ii) the quality of the advertisement published on any web page controlled or operated by the International Wanderer.

(iii) that a specific number of page impressions will be available for the dates of the campaign.

6.   Cancellation

6. 1. Once the customer has placed an advertisement order, this said order can be cancelled, without charge for the customer, in the following two hours. Alterations or changes to the content or format of the advertisement can also be made free of charge within the first two hours following the placement of the order. Beyond these two hours, no cancellation is refunded. Alterations past this expiry date can be implemented only with the written consent of the International Wanderer. The International Wanderer reserves its right to deny any alterations or changes that are not compliant with these terms and conditions.

6.2. The International Wanderer reserves its right to immediately cancel a contract with a customer, without liability and with proper notification of the customer, in the event of the following:

(i) the customer breaches any of the terms and conditions.

(ii) the customer does not make the necessary payment towards International Wanderer by the date established by the rate card.

(iii) the customer enters compulsorily or voluntarily liquidation, ceases to carry on business, or suffers any actions due to its accumulated debts.

7.   General

7. 1. The International Wanderer is the only entity with right to reproduce and enforce these terms of conditions.

7.2. The contract is an agreement between the International Wanderer and the customer. The customer is not allowed to out-source or sub-lease the contract to a third party.

7.3. The International Wanderer reserves its right to submit changes to these terms or conditions and/or the rate card, changes which will be published online. By entering an advertisement contract, the customer binds him or herself to agree to any changes or updates made on the terms and conditions.

7.4. No variation on these terms and conditions will be enforceable without the prior and written consent of the International Wanderer.


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