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The world is your oyster and you have the ability and the freedom (yes, unfortunately some a lot more than others) to travel anywhere. Let your imagination run wild - what would you like to do? Study abroad or study overseas as some say? Or work abroad? Volunteer abroad? Retire abroad? Or just pack up and travel the world, wander internationally for a time? Whatever you wish to do we can help.

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The International Wanderer has complied an extensive online country resource with information on every destination / country in the world.

For each country you will find: information about the country, living abroad, working abroad, studying abroad, volunteering abroad in that country.

We also provide working holiday visa or working holiday scheme information and other travel or live, work, study, volunteer visa information for different countries.


Each country also features information that will help you: before you go, when you’ve  just landed, to help you with settling in to a new country and what you need to know when preparing to leave that country and head home again.

Each destination also links to blog and news articles that feature that country. Finally – each country links to online directories, including: an expat community directory for that country, jobs, volunteer, intern and study, learn opportunities for that destination.

From working in the United States, soaking up the sun in South Africa, skiing in Canada, cruising the Nile or Alaska or volunteering and exploring ancient ruins in Egypt to island and job-hopping through the Mediterranean, picking fruit in New Zealand, learning the rhythms of Latin America…it’s there to be experienced.

So what would you like to do? Work your way around the ski fields of the world? Discover ancient civilizations of Asia?  Get off the beaten track and into jungles of Borneo, Costa Rica or Sri Lanka? Volunteer in the Galapagos Islands? Study in Cuba? Work on a cruise ship? Let your imagination and dreams run wild – then click on a destination from the menu on this page and let’s see how we can make it happen.

If you would like to see which countries your country of origin has working holiday agreements with – please see here

As you make your plans - keep in mind – many have found that a destination is not a place – but rather a new or different way of seeing things.


Before you take off

Please contact us if you believe information on this page is incorrect, misleading or offensive, or if something important is missing.

The International Wanderer aims to provide you with up to date and accurate information. However, content is submitted by writers/wanderers from all over the globe. Sometimes we will get it wrong. Furthermore, working holiday and other visa opportunities and requirements (or numbers allocated) may change. New working holiday agreements are constantly being negotiated between countries. We suggest that you contact the nearest consulate or embassy of the country you wish to visit to ensure you have the most recent and accurate information. For further information about this website see our Terms & Conditions.