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Working in South Sudan

In a nation as young as South Sudan much of the work is in the hands of its numerous development partners, for this reason intra organizational movement is very possible.

Plan International began its work in South Sudan long before its independence in 2006. As in all countries where Plan operates, the organization serves the disadvantaged children. Plan works with over 20,000 children mainly in the capital Juba, Lainya and Yei counties. The organization aims to promote child rights in the country to ensure families and communities can participate in their own development.

For individuals interested in social work in South Sudan industry specific search engines such as reliefweb.com/org can provide information on many jobs and organizations. For more information on NGO’s and similar organizations working in South Sudan, individuals can browse through the NGO Forum a website. This independent organization documents the work and efforts of various NGO’s in South Sudan.

Following independence, Oxfam international began activity in South Sudan and has reached well over 150,000 nationals. In the Upper Nile region the organization works toward provision of clean safe water, in the lake region it supports small scale agriculture, in Wau and Warrap it has support programs for the many returnees and it works with many local partners and civil society organizations.

For individuals interested in medical work in South Sudan, organizations such as the International Medical Corps began work in the country more than a decade before signing of the independence contract between the North and the South. The organization works in both rural and urban areas to improve immediate and long-term health services.


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