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Working in Senegal

Owing to its deep natural port in Dakar, Senegal is the preferred port for many West African countries. About 23 Km for the port, SAR refinery processes petroleum products and can provide work for professionals skilled in the procedure. Among the international companies that operate in Senegal, include Shell, Total (majority shareholder) and ExxonMobil. In addition to browsing through company websites, industry specific such as oilcareers.com can help identify suitable job in Senegal.

In addition to petroleum, several international agencies are active in Senegal including World Vision that has been in Senegal since the crisis of 1983-84. Today World Vision is active in six administrative districts and runs almost 150 projects directly touching the lives of in excess of 69,000 children. Oxfam international active in Senegal since also reports that despite poverty, Senegal is among the most stable democracies in Africa. Oxfam international works on three core activities including governance and citizen control, food security and sustainable livelihoods, and humanitarian action. The organization states much needs to be done developmentally in Senegal ranked 166 out 199 countries by the UN Human Development index.

Students can also get to work in Senegal via programs offered by agencies such as sim.org. The organization assists students by placing them with a family where they will assist in education, encouragement/motivation among other tasks. These students are beneficiaries of the Kafferine scholarship project. Also given the Francophone origin of the country teaching English language is bound present numerous opportunities for skills instructors. For more information for international certification contact TEFL. 


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