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Working in Mozambique

Mozambique is poor and underdeveloped and as such is very suitable for many international organizations focusing on development. Plan international is among the many organizations active in the country. Plan began operations in Mozambique in 2007 and focuses on disadvantaged children within the country. Plan is currently building and equipping five schools in five regions that should benefit 2500 children. The organizations main focal points are child protection and disaster preparedness, quality primary education and improving access to health care.

For individuals interested in the petroleum industry, BP the second largest oil company in Mozambique is a good start. The company has been in Mozambique since the 1920’s and the country serves as a major processing and distribution hub for fuel and lubricants in the region. The country office has about 150 employees and can provide a great experience for pipeline and refinery technicians.

According to statistics, almost 47% of households in Mozambique do not have access to clean and safe drinking water. As a result, 9000 children die annually from diarrhoea associated with unclean water. To avert the crisis WaterAid-UK has been in the country since 1995 installing cheap pumps and providing knowledge on how to improve sanitation. Another UK organization in Mozambique is CARE International that has been in the country from 1986. Initially CARE provided emergency assistance but currently focuses on long-term goals such as farmer education, and reduction of the spread of HIV.

In 1997, Pathfinder international focussing on reproductive and sexual health established an office for operations in Mozambique. In addition to reproductive health and contraception, the organization also focuses on gender violence.


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