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Working in Mauritania

Mauritania is largely desert country and is located in North West Africa. The country discovered oil deposits in 2001 and has few mining companies operational within its borders. The country is a pleasant place to work in and is home to large resilient and self-reliant population.

In mining, a good place to begin looking for work is with First Quantum Minerals Ltd. The company offers all expatriates 14 to 21 days leave to visit families after ever 42 to 63 working days. In addition to that, employees are entitled to half a day off each working week. The company located in a remote location in Mauritania provides suitable accommodation for staff that includes food and medical support.

As mentioned earlier Mauritania is mainly desert country and as such faces constant food crisis. The reason for this being floods and drought. Due to this position there are several organizations within the country concerned with training population on both food and health issues. The objective of these activities being improved food security and health care sensitization.

In Mauritania English is often a second language and is not widely spoken, teaching English can provide suitable work opportunities for interested applicants. For more information on this course of action information from TEFL on certification and jobs may be used. In addition to teaching English, the country has one of the lowest literacy rates in Africa at 58%. This suggests possibility of opportunities within new and expanding institutions. In addition to teaching jobs, the long beach in Mauritania has many hotels and good locations where hospitality professionals can find work.


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