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Working in Mali

Due to the poverty and low literacy in Mali, there are many international organizations where interested applicants can find work. To go about this one simple way is to utilise intra-organizational transfers. 

In 2012, clashes began in Northern Mali between rebels and government forces causing insecurity and distress among citizens. Since the UNHCR has been active in the country to assist fleeing families. Current statistics indicate that the UNHCR camps have over 200,000 distressed persons all in need of food, shelter and basic healthcare services.

Plan international is also active in Mali and has been in the country since 1976. The organizations primary motive is to ensure disadvantaged children are catered for and has remained active in the country even during the period of conflict. Plan international directly serves almost 30,000 Malian children and its core activities include creating a healthy environment, involving children in the development process, assisting adults acquire literacy skills, and proper organization of communities to protect children.

For individuals interested in Medical work, Doctors without borders has many active projects in Mali. Over 180,000 Malian children benefit from their activities including distribution of anti malarial medicine and medical assistance to individuals injured in the crisis. Save the Children is also instrumental in Mali and has been in the country from 1987. The organizations primary activities include provision of health programs, school nutrition and health, education, democracy and god governance, food security and future planning. In addition to the above opportunities, there is still much to be done in the country in relation to irrigation that can help improve food security.


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