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Working in Guinea

Like much of developing Africa, Guinea has some work opportunities that can be exploited by skilled professionals looking for a chance to experience life in West Africa. For example, the country has well established mining industry that can provide work for skilled people with experience in the mining sector. The country has large amounts of Bauxite deposits among other minerals.

Due to the conflict that has spilled into Guinea from neighbouring Sierra Leone and Liberia in the recent past, Guinea has a number of NGO’s operational within her borders. Plan International is one such organization and has been in Guinea since 1989. Currently the organization serves over 50 communities and in excess of 30,000 children in the country. In addition to NGO’s the UNHCR is active in Guinea along with several other UN agencies. In addition to the UN, USAID is also present in Guinea and can provide meaningful employment for interested applicants in Guinea.

In addition to NGO jobs, professionals and interested individual are welcomed to apply for positions within the country’s many higher learning institutions such as Universite Gamal Abdel Nasse de Conakry. The institutions often advertise jobs in regional job search engines such as Peeplo.com. Also like in most French speaking African countries, opportunities to teach English abound in Guinea especially Conakry. Among the institutions that may be worth querying for teaching jobs include the American International School, Conakry. Throughout the country, conversance with French is an added advantage and can make a significant contribution to chances of finding work in Guinea. 


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