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Working in Gibraltar

With its tropical sunny weather, pristine beaches and close proximity to Europe, many expatriates look forward to finding jobs in Gibraltar. Most people in Gibraltar speak at least two languages, but since English is the official language of business, the lack of language barriers further enhances the charm of Gibraltar as a relocation destination.

Work opportunities in Gibraltar generally revolve around accounting, insurance, banking and related legal and IT services and online gaming. There are also a variety of casual employment opportunities in bars and restaurants in the more tourist concentrated areas. It should however be kept in mind however that most high school graduates go to the UK for higher education and usually return to Gibraltar fully qualified. Hence, competition is fierce.

Many people are caught in the dilemma of whether to relocate first or to secure work in Gibraltar first. In most cases, companies prefer to personally interview potential employers and they often give preference to candidates already in the area. Phone screening is usually carried out by recruiters on behalf of companies before asking you to fly over. For the most part however, it is more difficult to get a job if you are not physically present on The Rock.

The holders of EU/EEA passports can work in Gibraltar without any problem. Non EU members have to apply for a work permit for Gibraltar or a work visa through Employment Training Board (ETB). A work permit is only issued if the employer can prove that no qualified Gibraltarian is capable or willing to do the job. The local officials can at times show lenient attitude towards some nationals due to the need in the local online gaming companies and getting a work visa becomes easier if one applies to work for such companies. The permit is valid for not more than one year.


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