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Working in Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea is the third largest petroleum producer in Africa and as such, the country has thriving oil industry. The majority of the equatorial Guinean oil deposits are located offshore creating significant opportunity for engineers and other technicians working in the petroleum industry around the world. For expats and professionals interested in finding these jobs, browsing through the company websites may unveil openings.

Among the major companies associated with oil extraction in the country, include Exxon and Amerada Hess, among others. Additional information may be sought from websites such as jobs-offshore.com specialized in identification of mining and drilling jobs globally. Outside of the oil industry, Equatorial Guinea hosted the 2012 Africa Nations Cup, in the process built, and renovated a number of stadia. This country like most in Africa has a great number of devoted soccer fans and there may be jobs for experienced coaches within the country.

Other opportunities in the country are available in the field of language instruction. Being a Spanish speaking nation, it is likely many professional Equatorial Guineans will pay handsomely for English lessons. Individuals interested in such ventures should consider contacting TEFL for help with certification and establishing language centres.

Due to the number of beaches and beautiful landscape the country has several internationally acclaimed hotels e.g. Hilton operating within its borders. Experienced hotel staff looking for an experience abroad can utilize the intra-company connection to make a trip to Guinea. Lastly, the fact that the country has several islands suggests there are jobs in the aviation and maritime industry within the country. Interested applicants should make inquiries on transportation options available and company fleets. Working hours in Equatorial Guinea are a bit different and are as follows: 8 am to 1 pm and 4pm to 7pm.


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