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Working in Democratic Republic of the Congo

The DRC is large central African nation with vast mineral resources. However, the country has failed to enjoy prosperity due to the effects of poor leadership in its early years.

A Large part of the country is covered in rainforest and is home to a variety of animal species. The rainforest also serves as a water catchment area for other countries in the region. Due to this, many conservation organizations are active within DRC. For individuals interested in conservation working in the DRC, organizations such as Conservation International and many others provide a variety of options.

It has been reported that the total mineral wealth of the DRC lies in the range of $84 trillion. However, due to poor policies and political leadership much of these resources are yet to be exploited. For individuals interested in working in the mining industry in DRC resources such as infomine.com can help identify jobs and organizations. Another good resource for job in mining is infomine.com.

IN addition to conservation and mining, a number of UN agencies are also active within DRC. For individuals who may want to get a look at Africa while working, this could be a channel for intra organizational transfer. For example, the UNOPS has been active in DRC since 1999 focussing on delivery of sustainable infrastructure, procurement and project management services in the country.

 It has been suggested by UNEP that in coming years DRC could well become an African economic powerhouse if its forests, water resources and mineral reserves are better managed. In the UNEP report, it has been suggested that as the world moves to a green economy nations such as DRC have a lot to gain. For this reason intra organizational transfers into DRC can help gain valuable insight into many pertinent global issues.


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