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Working in Cape Verde

Cape Verde is a beautiful archipelago in the Atlantic coast very popular as a holiday destination for Europeans. Europeans, especially British and Irish tourists often flock the island due to cheap flights and even though airfare often goes up during the holiday season, even then most people are still able to find a bargain. 

Half of the entire population live on Santiago island leaving much of the remaining Islands and territory unexplored and undamaged. Real estate agents have tons of work in Cape Verde, the popular holiday location means any good property can find clients. For this reason, Cape Verde is a perfect place for making purchases, developing and managing properties. Its popularity within Europe also means that already developed property should sell quickly within these lucrative markets.

In addition to real estate management, setting up a tourism related business is also a good way to earn a living in Cape Verde. However, since much of such revenue is expected from tourists, it is wise to do plenty of investigation on suitable times to operate. For example, due to limited flights between May and October, there is slight slump in business. In addition to that, it would be useful to establish the behaviour of the tourists you intend to serve as some enjoy very private holidays.

For Africans interested in working abroad, Cape Verde is not a bad place to begin. In the hospitality industry, the average wage is reported to be 200 Euros per week. For this reason, people already in hospitality preparing to expand their horizons should consider Cape Verde. This may be a good alternative option for people considering to the Middle East as is common in African countries. Regardless of the manner, you intend to go about working in Cape Verde, multilingual skills will always provide an added advantage. Individuals with TEFL certification can also consider setting up training centres which may be very useful for the many non English speaking foreigners in the country.


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