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Working in Cameroon

Cameroon is lovely place to work and sample West African culture. Though much of its population (70%) is poor, the country is fertile and blessed with abundant rainfall and food. For this reason, Cameroon is among the most vibrant commodity driven economies in Africa. Nevertheless, poverty has drawn major international organizations such as Plan International into the country.

Plan has been active in Cameroon since 1996 and has a number of projects for poor children. The programs focus on education, health, improving livelihoods and protection. Plan is operational in six of ten regions in Cameroon and supports more than 842 communities. Employees of Plan and other NGO’s worldwide can consider intra organizational transfer to get some quality time in Cameroon.

The UNHCR is operational in Cameroon and serves refugees brought into Cameroon by strife in neighbouring countries. Cameroon is home to over 100,000 refugees and asylum seekers from Chad and the Central African Republic. Given the level of activity in Cameroon, employees of the UN can easily apply for jobs at any of the Cameroonian sites. IN addition to UNHCR, VSO International is also active in Cameroon. For experts who may have worked with German engineering firms GIZ, GTZ and the like, transfer to Cameroon is simple as these established presence there in the 90’s.

In addition to looking for jobs in the major international NGO’s and Multinationals within Cameroon, prospectors should consider major African recruitment firms such as Michael Page. The page organization is capable of identifying lucrative options in Africa and often provides very useful tips on how the country in question.


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