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Working in Botswana

Botswana is small landlocked African nation almost the same size as France. Botswana’s reported rapidly growing economy and political stability make the country a suitable location for migration or short stints abroad. Much of the populated country resides on the western side due to the expansive Kalahari Desert on the east.

The mainstay of Botswana’s economy is diamond mining activity and other significant sectors in the country include agriculture, services and tourism. These sectors provide specific opportunities for foreigners interested in working the country.

Botswana is very peaceful and the society has for long embraced a multicultural society making it agreeable to most western visitors. The law enforcement authorities are effective, there is a good public health system in place and the living conditions are fairly good.  The capital city has several upmarket suburbs with golf clubs, shopping malls and internationally comparable hotels. The capital city Gaborone is conveniently an hour by air from Johannesburg making it convenient for travel.

Looking for a job in Botswana may require a bit of web based inquiry to gather information from other expats blogs, applying for openings on job search engines or by using an agency to find a suitable job. Visas to Botswana can be sought online or arranged upon arrival. While working or visiting the country you can visit Botswana’s beautiful wildlife, historical monuments and natural heritage.  Botswana is home to some of Africa’s most enchanting wilderness such as the Okavanga swamps and its game reserves.


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