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Working in Afghanistan


AfghanistanWith a struggling economy and nearly one third of the population unemployed, Afghanistan is not particularly generous when it comes to job opportunities for foreigners. Nonetheless, there are still a few options to choose from.

The vast majority of job opportunities are situated in the capital of Kabul and the surrounding areas. The IT department is on the rise in Afghanistan and numerous jobs are available to foreigners in this sector. Past experience is necessary. In addition, supervisors, analysts and people working military-related jobs are sought after.  Health care employees and teachers are also in demand in Afghanistan, but wages for these types of jobs are not particularly high.

In addition, the United Nations host a Development Programme, where interested people can sign up for a variety of jobs in Afghanistan. Other non-governmental agencies also offer well-paid jobs in this Asian country. Contact one of them for more details and information about how to apply.

A work visa will be required for anyone wishing to work in Afghanistan. 

A lot of organisations have roles for humanitarian, development and relief work in locations such as Afghanistan. If this is something of interest to you - ReliefWeb is worth checking out.  

Jobs.af is a full fledge Human Resource service provider in Afghanistan serving the needs for the growing jobs market in Afghanistan. This is their Facebook page.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Afghanistan invites highly qualified and experienced persons to apply for excellent opportunities.


Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief and Development

Jobs in Afghanistan - Your recruitment and jobs source in Afghanistan - Get the latest job announcements in Afghanistan by UN, Government, International development agencies, Aid Agencies, Private Companies - ‎Jobs in Afghanistan 

Jobs.jobs: My.jobs is a very good Afghanistan job search site.

Jobs.gov.af: for Government jobs in Afghanistan.

Relief Web:  for development or humanitarian jobs in Afghanistan.

Reed: has some expat job results for Afghanistan.

Career Jet: worth a search to see what you find.

Indeed: this site is popular in America and has Afghanistan search results.

Federal Government Jobs: if you are from USA 

Danger Zone Jobs: working in Afghanistan is not for the faint of heart

And of course right here - The International Wanderer jobs



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