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All our listings are $99.00 and under. Listing a hovel is free. Until Feb. 2015 we are only charging a 1% service fee for hosts! 


How to book

Provide us with a quick and easy profile telling a prospective hovel holder a little about yourself, and have a verifiable .edu email address. A few nice comments and any links back to us from your favorite social media site is always appreciated, but not required.

Start with your pricing category, followed by location and dates, hoped for hovels, and then blast out your inquiries to those hovel holders. You should hear back from the hovel holder within one business day. Before accepting their offer and/or counter offer, check out the hovel board for any plugs or slams* on that particular hovel and/or holder. Also, check out the hovel holder’s policies before you lock yourself down, in the event they don’t understand the meaning of fun, or potential late checkouts.

Once you and the holder have agreed to the arrangement, click on your acceptance tab, punch in your payment details, and you’re almost… well-- hoveled. The hovel holder is notified immediately, and your confirmation is emailed to you promptly with your payment receipt and hovel details.

Once payment is confirmed and you have received your details, we will open the full exchange of information between you and the hovel holder directly, providing email addresses and telephone numbers in addition to the address of the hovel following confirmation of your booking.

We need to hear it. It’s half the point of this site. Who doesn’t love a good story about where they stayed, unedited, and hopefully full of some great adventure that can be shared with others? So, let it rip on the hovel blog (please keep the profanity to a minimum).


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225 East Broadway,
Glendale, CA, 91205

Tel: 8185367370
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hovelstay.com is the Anti-Luxury vacation rental Marketplace that gives travelers unconventional and affordable places to stay.


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