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Volunteering in Yemen

The high unemployment and biting poverty translates to many opportunities for volunteering in Yemen. There are a number of international organizations, and a handful of local ones doing their best to raise awareness and lead the way in motivating volunteers to work in Yemen.

On a professional and semi-professional level, Yemen needs volunteer English teachers willing to educate children as well as adults with a basic knowledge of the language. There is also a major lack of medical care services throughout the country and the needs of the citizens are not being met. Visiting physicians willing to volunteer their time are welcome to provide their services in Sana’a and Dhamar. Specialists from all fields of medicine especially surgeons are urgently needed.

Other organizations with volunteer positions available include those working on a wide range of human rights issues. Some issues being kept a close eye on include women’s rights, migrant rights, death penalty, torture, association & assembly etc. Volunteers interested in any specific topic are allowed to meet with the people already working in the area, and discuss how they can make a contribution. Successful volunteers help by monitoring the news and filing important news items into an electronic database. Volunteers also aid in translating documents, assisting with research, carrying out internet searches, maintaining statistics, conducting administrative tasks and a host of other activities.

Another international organization works to promote good governance in Yemen, and sustainable use of resources. It also works to promote human rights and defends victims of violations. Some organizations even help by providing free legal services and going so far as to bring the culprits to justice. Volunteer help is needed at various levels of the organizations.


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