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Volunteering in Togo

In Togo, volunteers can work in a variety of projects and make a tangible contribution to the lives and poverty in the country.

Volunteers for Peace established in 1982 annually offers over 1000 individuals placement in over 100 countries around the world including Togo. Through these experiences volunteers develop improved communication ability involving diverse groups, explore grass root leadership opportunities while developing and understanding connections and cultural understanding worldwide. Volunteers can enlist short term in work camps or for longer durations in medium to permanent term projects.

For those interested in local volunteer organizations, the African Rural Development Movement (ARUDMO) founded in 1995 has projects that cater for international volunteers. The organization was established in response to prevalent corruption and declining quality of life in Africa. ARUDMO seeks to assist the rural Togolese population as the nation makes its transition to greater democracy. Projects where volunteers can work include micro finance, HIV/AIDS awareness and teaching in schools. Participants can enlist for between a week to twelve months and applications are accepted from all between 18 and 50 years of age.

HIV/AIDS is a serious sub Saharan African challenge. Organizations such as the Promotion and Human Development Centre in Lome established in 1999 has taken to this task. The organizations main project involves counselling, support groups, children activity days, case study, home visits among others. The organization also welcomes individual projects subject to approval by the center. Volunteers can enlist for between a week and a year plus. Other organizations with medical volunteer opportunities include InvAID with projects ranging from a week to a year.


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