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Volunteering in the Republic of the Congo

In the Republic of Congo (RC), development is a priority that often suffers due to inadequate government finance. As a result, many charitable and international organizations have established themselves within the country and recruit volunteers to help address various national issues.

Organizations such as abhalight often recruit volunteer for durations ranging from 2 months to a year in their RC projects. Volunteers are placed in children homes to provide care and to teach in schools. The organization prefers women volunteers and provides accommodation and simple food on site. For individuals interested in opportunities with a personal touch, smaller organizations such as the Harvey Family in Congo provide very suitable options. The organization run by a family of medical missionaries runs a small hospital in RC and invites volunteers to assist in their noble cause.

The RC like many African nations faces many hurdles in meeting its health care goals. The nation has formed a partnership with Mercy Ships to cope with unmet needs. Mercy ships uses marine vessels as ships to deliver world class health care service, capacity building and sustainable development to marginalised groups in the developing world. Annually the organization recruits over 1000 volunteers from over 40 nations.

The RC also is home to many primates that are very dependent on the dense rainforest for survival. However, the government is often unable to recruit adequate labor to monitor and help conserve both primates and the ecosystem. Conservation organizations such as PASA primate sanctuary often recruits volunteers to assist in sustaining the animals and the ecosystem. The abundance of volunteer opportunities in the country ensures almost any professional can find appropriate engagement in the country.


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