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Volunteering in Thailand

Thailand is a unique land filled with golden temples, unspoiled beaches, and exotic cuisine. In contrast to most of rest of Asia, Thailand has never been colonized by western powers. It offers its volunteers pure Thai culture with all the amenities of the modern west.

Volunteer options are available in wide range disciplines for all abilities. Be it a cheap holiday or free volunteer work, you can select from volunteering projects aimed at protecting  wildlife, nursing jobs to care for the under privileged, working with children or teaching.

In the outskirts of Thailand, like Chiang Rai the children don’t have access to any formal education. Volunteers are needed to help educate the young and old of the neighbouring hill tribes.

For those not afraid of a little physical labour, there is outdoor work. Depending on the weather, this project has two aspects. When it is not raining volunteers carry out jobs like building water tanks, lengthening water pipes, building & painting classrooms, and repairing homes of elderly villagers. When it is raining then volunteers spend their time researching ways of agricultural production applicable to the area, making presentations to villagers and carrying out promotional work.

Thailand is home to nearly 3500 domesticated elephants and roughly 200 of them are begging in the streets. This is a cruel environment for a forest animal not to mention the threats of road accidents. Volunteers help at the Refuge Centre for elephants by cleaning elephant pens, washing and feeding the gentle giants and helping out with the overall maintenance of the refuge.


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