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Volunteering in Taiwan

There is a great demand for volunteers in Taiwan ranging from restoration work, to elderly care, home stays and teaching English. Volunteer programs can be selected through the numerous non-profit organizations or by visiting the different online sites. There are even official Taiwan government sites you can use to select a program of your interest.

Among the most amazing places to volunteer is in the heart of Taiwan, in the city of Taipei. Due to an over abundance of museums and temples in the city there are numerous volunteer options in restoration work, historical documenting and cultural education.

For those with interests in the cultural domain, but away from the city noise, there is the project in Siluo where 142 grand houses are in desperate need of repair. Benefits of working on this project include participation in cultural activities like preparing soy sauce and playing traditional folklore music. Duties on the project will include painting walls, repairing windows and doors and just having fun while doing it.

In the social sector, there is a project located in the town of Libian. The area is basically agricultural, but the town was flooded in 2009 destroying apple orchards and homes. The volunteers at the camp work in elderly care, community care and organization of events.

Most of the projects have well defined work times, usually in the neighbourhood of 4 to 6 hours per day. Work begins after breakfast and lasts till lunchtime and picks up again around 1:30 and finishes by 3:30. This leaves the evenings free to explore the localities.


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