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Volunteering in Sudan

Volunteering in Sudan allows participants a means to contribute skills and knowledge while alleviating a global need.

For individuals interested in teaching volunteer projects, organizations such as the Sudan Volunteer Programme a UK based charity have an appropriate solution. The organization sends graduates and undergraduates to Sudan to teach English in universities, school and colleges. The organization is more than an educational institution and many volunteers are neither trained nor do they have an educational background. The programme aims to help volunteers exchange cultural experiences and forge lifelong links.

Another organization that has a suitable volunteer project in Sudan is careers.lon.ac.uk that offers an opportunity to work with Sudanese students in school and universities. The organization has programs that run from September to June where volunteers assist students improve their conversational English skills. Education remains a serious challenge across Sudan with many living in refugee camps. Organizations such as Salesian VIS volunteers assist with the educational challenges affecting children who reside in these camps. The organization has programs that serve both Sudan and South Sudan.

For individuals interested in conservation volunteer activities, organizations such as the Miracles Sudan Riding Centre can assist in contributing to rehabilitate and care for horses. Volunteers at the centre can get to learn hippotherapy, treatment that uses the multidimensional nature of movement in horses. For individuals in Australia the Sudanese Australian Integrated learning program allows volunteers assist every Saturday between mid February and late December. Volunteers in the teaching program provide English instruction to the vast Sudanese community residing in Melbourne. For volunteers interested in working with orphaned children in Sudan, the Liddle Kidz Foundation has a program that allows volunteers to participate in the care or orphans in a variety of ways.


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