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Volunteering in Slovenia

Volunteering is the best way to not only serve a country but to really get to know it and learn about its culture. While there is an abundance of the typical volunteer options like working in an orphanage, healthcare projects, teaching, or supporting the local NGOs, Slovenia offers some unique volunteering opportunities.

One such volunteer project is based in Boštanj, where people from varying backgrounds and ages work together towards a common goal. The volunteers target underprivileged people over the ages of 50 and below 25 by teaching them the trade of hand-making items. These types of lessons have the potential to enhance the target group’s employability. The group collects second hand items and cloths then remodels or redesigns them for resale at nominal prices. Volunteers teach whatever skills they have, woodworking, stitching, painting knitting etc. A side benefit of this project is that the environment is conserved when second hand materials are reused.

Another volunteer program requires volunteers with knowledge of multimedia like graphic designing, computers in general, photography, video making, and darkroom operations. The volunteers are requested to pass their knowledge on by organizing and heading monthly interest groups. The level of knowledge is irrelevant. Volunteers with advanced skills can teach advanced classes while volunteers who are themselves beginners can just head the basic courses. The idea is simple; just pass on whatever knowledge you have to other people who are interested in learning.

Another project that requires volunteers and has support from the local government, involves working in the city dump. Useful objects like furniture, radios, electrical machines or T.V sets are collected and put in a store until a suitable purpose is found.


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