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Volunteering in Seychelles

Volunteering amidst the many islands of Seychelles is an assured way to enjoy an excursion to a foreign country. It is worth observing that the country does not require an entry visa and arrangements are thus that much easier.

Volunteers can visit Seychelles with organizations such as Global Vision International (GVI), involved in conservation projects such as protection of coral reefs or the unique island wildlife. Volunteers enlisted for the Marine conservation project get to scuba dive off the coast while observing changes in the marine ecosystem. Volunteers who enlist for the wildlife conservation program get to work at a local conservation in the Seychelles paradise. Several organizations cater for conservation volunteers including smallerearth.com. The organization has various programs running for 4 weeks, 8 weeks and three months. As with other programs, volunteers here spend a lot of time scuba diving and observing the coral reef or sea turtles.

In addition to typical volunteer work, many organizations liaise with hotels to provide guests activity while in Seychelles. However, voluntourism has fast gained popularity, nevertheless, the activity is more favourable for families looking to fill the hours in a dull getaway. For more information, interested participants should enquire from hotels in Seychelles. A good place to begin would also be my-african-experience.com.

Volunteers in Seychelles should remember the hotels in the country are expensive and as such, many excursions house participants in much more ordinary facilities. However, as one volunteer mentions activities such as cooking porridge at 6.30 a.m. are easily forgotten when one can scuba dive daily and enjoy the beach for four months. Whatever you may give up in comfort Seychelles will give back in relaxation.


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