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Volunteering in Senegal

Volunteering in a beautiful and vibrant location such as Senegal is bound to provide lifelong memories. Due to the stable democracy, the country is safe and your work/stay is unlikely to be interrupted. For more experienced volunteers, the Peace Corp is definitely worth a shot having been in the country since 1963. Currently the Corps has over 250 volunteers in Senegal focusing on business, agriculture and environmental health.

Conservation volunteers can also find activities in Senegal with the World Wide Fund (WWF). The organization has project in Senegal dubbed The Baobab Project that serves to protect reserves in the Ocean. The program that aims to provide environmental education has volunteers shuttling back and forth between meeting top conservation and government officials, data analysis based on information from local communities and planning for meetings. The program is enlightening and very educational.

For individuals with a childcare or medical background agencies such as lovevolunteers.org can provide suitable placement solutions in Senegal. The organization works in collaboration with a local NGO to identify orphanages, schools and medical programs in need of volunteers. The program requires volunteers commit for a minimum of two weeks to maximum of 24 weeks.

As with any developing nation, financing education is an ominous challenge often requiring all help available. For this reason, teaching professionals have many opportunities in Senegal where they can make a meaningful and lasting contribution. Organizations such as volunteermatch.org work in collaboration to ensure volunteers can quickly find an opening across the world. Currently the organization has an opening in St. Louis, Maison de la Garee. The institution was established to assist disadvantaged groups often bundled into Koranic schools. The overall goal of the institution being to combat abuse of children’s rights through literacy.


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