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Volunteering in Rwanda

Volunteering is a perfect way to see the world for anyone with an open mind, adventurous and caring soul. According to the human development index, Rwanda is among the poorest countries in the world. For this reason, there are many organizations involved in activities aimed at improving the standard of life in the country. For this reason, volunteering in Rwanda can be an extremely educational experience.

Organizations such as Concern international have been active in Rwanda for many years and have running projects in four key areas namely, HIV and AIDS, livelihoods, health and primary education. The genocide that took place in Rwanda during the 90’s left many children displaced and disadvantaged. A good number have also lost parents to HIV and AIDS. Volunteers working with children in Rwanda offer assistance to hose mothers, involve themselves in helping with homework, and care provision.

In addition to care provision, the condition and number of schools within the country is still unsatisfactory. Many schools lack essential materials such as books, scholastic and teaching materials. Volunteers in education often travel to remote schools and work alongside teachers in improving the level of English, math and hygiene within the schools.

Volunteers with medical qualifications are also engaged within Rwanda at local hospitals. Some activities for health volunteers include patient counselling, general nursing, family planning , antenatal and postnatal care as well as maintenance of patient records. Due to the poverty situation in the country, there are several programs serving the Rwandese community through outreach activities. Some examples of existing outreach programs in Rwanda include feeding programs, income generating activities and education.


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