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Volunteering in Nepal

Orphanages are booming in Kathmandu and Pokhara regions of Nepal and international volunteers are welcomed with open arms. However, care must be taken to ensure that the institute you are volunteering for is authentic. A significant number of such establishments exploit the children as well as the volunteers. They draw off money and gifts and in a few cases even subject the orphans to abuse.

There are many international organizations operating in the country that recruit volunteers and ensure placement in bona fide institutes. The field of medicine requires volunteers, but volunteers have to make own travel arrangements and expenses. Food and lodging are usually provided for by making arrangements with local host families.

Teaching English is another field that requires a large number of volunteers. Volunteers are placed in elementary schools around the country and spend three hours a day teaching for six days a week. They also work with local teachers to come up with new teaching strategies which the local teachers can use.

For people who wish to volunteer some of their time without making any weekly commitments can help at  the hospices for the elderly in Pashupatinath and Chabahil run by Mother Teresa’s Sisters of Charity. They appreciate walk-in help on a daily basis.

A number of volunteer camps bring together international volunteers and local villagers on projects varying from school renovations to community development. Volunteers offer their physical strength and technical skills depending on the types of projects being run at the time.

Volunteer options for long-term work are possible with international organizations of repute. They place volunteers with the appropriate skill set in projects dealing with health, education, nutrition, agriculture and forestry.


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