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Volunteering in Morocco

Volunteering anywhere can give you that great experience you are missing and a way to see the world. In Morocco, volunteers can participate in various activities that can be educational, fun and very rewarding. The Association of Generations International work camps operates several volunteer programs in operation in Morocco. The association’s camps are held in Ouazazate and include activities such as painting with primary school children, and other activities with the city’s children.

The city of Rabat also provides many fun experiences for globetrotting volunteers. The city’s residents are warm and welcoming often eager to participate in cross-cultural exchange. Some of the opportunities in Rabat involve teaching children, assisting infants or children as well as improving quality of care for people with disabilities.

For students, Rabat also has a number of interesting internship and volunteer projects. These projects operating in the country’s capital often revolve around, teaching, sports, care and language instruction. Some programs provide suitable host family, making the experience culturally richer. In addition to that, Rabat is known for its many elegant structures, markets and parks. Snake charmers, jugglers and acrobats common n most of the souks make for great pictures and memories.

For interested applicants applications should be lodged with agencies that often partner with Moroccan NGO’s to make your experience memorable. Among some of the partnership programs offered are; environmental projects aimed at sustainable eco systems and teaching programs aimed at poor children. In addition to the culturally stimulating experience, volunteering in Morocco is perfect way to improve one’s French or Arabic.


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