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Volunteering in Micronesia

The Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) is an isolated island nation with a somewhat struggling economy, meaning that there are quite a few opportunities for volunteers wishing to lend a helping hand. Programmes are available in all four of FSM’s administrative regions, and they range from community-oriented to environment-oriented.

There are quite a few projects revolving around education, in which volunteers work to improve the nation’s system. Volunteering as a teacher, working with disabled or street children are just some of the options. Health care professionals wishing to volunteer their skills are also highly sought after.

Programmes designed to improve the locals’ skill base are quite popular. For these types of programmes, agencies require volunteers to have some experience and background in their respective fields, for example business or administration. Since the nation’s infrastructure is still somewhat lacking, construction projects are also quite common in the FSM.

Given the country’s location in the Western Pacific Ocean, there are quite a few volunteer programmes revolving around environmental causes. Cleaning up the coastline, studying and protecting the local fauna and reefs are just some of the options.

There are several highly renowned international agencies that currently place volunteers in the FSM, including Peace Corps. These types of volunteering contracts are significantly longer, spanning over at least one or two years.

Foreigners wishing to volunteer in Micronesia will be required to pay a fee in exchange for the programme, which will cover accommodation and meals. Flight fares, vaccinations, and visas are up to the volunteer in most cases.  


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