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Volunteering in Maldives

There are a large number of volunteer opportunities to suit all tastes on this island paradise. Whether you are interested in conservation, environment, community uplift, social work or marine life everything is possible.

The turtle conservation program has three main goals, to gather turtles, care and rehabilitate them and finally release them back into the environment. Volunteers work with an established team of dedicated professionals at the Marine Centre situated in a remote part of an island. This location provides the perfect environment for rehabilitating the turtles before release.

Coral gardening is another unique opportunity where volunteers venture out in small expeditions to local islands and reefs collecting coral pieces. They are carried back to the main station where processing and attachment to frames takes place. The fragments of coral are allowed to grow in the frames until they are ready to be used to replenish the nearby reefs. Volunteers also help to monitor and maintain the frames on a day to day basis. Additional duties of volunteers include monitoring the local reefs and recording their conditions.

There are also many voluntary teaching positions available in Maldives. Positions for Teaching Assistants, Pre-school to high school workers and sports coaches not requiring any specific experience are very common. The children on the island need help with English and volunteers can help with all aspects of the language. Having conversations and playing with the children encourages the children to practice their language skills and build confidence. For professional teachers there are voluntary teaching positions all levels up to secondary school. During the free time, the volunteers can explore the uninhabited islands, snorkel and go night fishing with the locals. 


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