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Volunteering in Macedonia

Volunteering in Macedonia is a great way to explore a young country learning to stand on its own feet. With a history a history dating back to the times of Alexander the Great, Macedonia just recently gained independence, and can use volunteer help in a wide range of fields. Whether one is interested in conservation projects, working with children, or helping the elderly, the options to volunteer are limitless.

Requiring no specific skills other than an enthusiasm to help; volunteering can be a great way to make new friends, visit a unique country on a budget and learn about a new culture or language.

Monastery volunteers are needed in the town of Demir Hisar, Macedonia. Volunteers can experience the life at a monastery while working up to six hours a day in the monastery yard, and helping with the daily chores of running a monastery. They learn about monastery tourism and attend workshops on the process of honey making. In their free time, volunteers can explore the villages in the vicinity and enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

Reconstruction and renovation work is another volunteer option at Slepce monastery complex. The work is labour intensive involving actual reconstruction of the premises, along with horticulture arrangements of the monastery yards. Volunteers get to stay in the monastery where food will be provided but you have to bring your own sleeping bag.

The Bitola Arts Festival is an annual event that depends of volunteer help for the smooth running of the event. Volunteers are involved in the logistic planning, and preparation of short performances that will be included in the festival’s program. Volunteers work three to four hours a day. 


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