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Volunteering in Jordan

Having a border with Palestine means Jordan automatically gets drawn into the Palestinian issue. Jordan houses the largest number of Palestinian refugees and after the Iraq war the number of Iraqi refugees too surged with many choosing to stay on indefinitely. All this has raised the poverty levels in Jordan and increased the demand for volunteers. There are many other types of programs volunteers can choose from. Whether it is ecotourism, working with refugees, or working with children the opportunities are unlimited.

The city of Aqaba’s local museum needs volunteers to help with every aspect of museum work. Computer literate people are needed to help with designing a website and cataloging inventory, decorators and people to paint the premises, translators and native English speakers. Almost everyone willing to donate their time is welcome. The historic city of Aqaba has been inhibited since 1500 B.C.E. and is located at the cross section of Europe, Asia and Africa. It is also Jordan’s only coastal city with warm waters and rich marine life. Volunteers can spend as little or as much time in the museum.

For individuals with a flair for ecotourism can help to further develop a family owned Eco-Lodge in Ajloun. The town of Ajloun has its very own castle built in 1184, and volunteers will plenty of chances to mingle with the locals. The family needs help with construction, gardening, farming and just beautifying the area.

If the opportunity to work with refugees sounds appealing then there are opportunities to work in a school for poor children.  The school was built entirely on donations and is equipped with facilities like a Guest House, gymnastic Hall, Camping sites and outdoor fields. It is located next to a Palestinian refugee camp and needs volunteers to help with running and maintenance. Volunteers spend time cleaning, painting, gardening, and landscaping for two weeks. Free time is spent by attending lectures, watching documentary movies and participating in cultural activities. Cultural trips to historical are also organized.


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