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Volunteering in Guinea-Bissau

Volunteering in Guinea Bissau is an ideal way to visit and learn about the country while serving a good cause. There are several organizations that offer assistance for people interested in volunteer experiences within the country’s borders. For example, Involvement volunteers which offers a variety of programs in the country. Volunteers place here can work in administration, conservation, education, health care, herbs, agriculture and social service.

Another useful organization that can help secure volunteer placement n guinea Bissau is the College for International Cooperation and Development (CICD). The organization is well established and can serve volunteers well as it has programs in Guinea and many African countries. CICD volunteers can thus get to visit more than a single country. Among the projects volunteers are involved in include teaching, community service and installation of new sustainable development machinery such as cheap water pumps.

The African Volunteer Program offered by Tostan is also a good way to find a suitable volunteer opportunity in Guinea Bissau and the rest of Africa. The organization welcomes applications from all people above 18, though skilled individuals are likely to get a greater variety of placements. The organization provides volunteers with housing, weekly lunches and a small stipend. Volunteers can commit for short durations, without the benefits allocated to yearlong projects. The organization caters for ordinary volunteers and interns, initiatives include education, health, community empowerment, environment and governance. The only downside with the organization is it mainly operates in Francophone countries and as such, basic oral French competence is essential.


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