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Volunteering in Greece

Sitting on the Mediterranean coast, Greece offers a beautiful setting and a rich history to visitors. Go beyond the sun drenched beaches and the tourist filled resorts and you discover the real Greece with its share of economic issues. Greek people accept volunteer help with open arms and a bundle of warm smiles.

There is a large variety of areas where volunteers can donate their time and in return discover the real Greece and all it has to offer. The healthcare system of the country was never first-rate, add to that the cuts in spending, and you have a system in desperate need of help. Many Greeks in need of medical attention have to turn to free clinics which run on charity. Trained and untrained volunteers can provide aid in hospitals and clinics at all levels.

The Greek education system is not very strong. Private tutoring is a common practice for those wanting to pursue higher studies, but with all the economic issues, it cuts into the family’s monthly budget significantly. There are many opportunities for teaching English at the various summer language camps. Such language programs are run throughout the country and volunteers can select a location of choice. Alternatively you can help with recreational programs at centres for the handicapped.

Conservation programs located on different islands and mountainous environments are abundant in Greece. Some of the program sites are very remote and evenings offer only the natural surroundings for company. Hence, they may not be suitable to everyone’s taste. One such program is situated on the island of Kefalonia and works to save sea turtles. Another option allowing volunteers to work with animals is the donkey rescue charity. The charity appreciates all the volunteer help it can get.


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