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Volunteering in Ghana

Ghana has made tremendous progress in recent years however there is still a very large economic divide between the rich and the poor. There are many volunteer opportunities in Ghana, especially in the north, where few economic prospects are available. Poor infrastructure makes health care and drinkable water difficult to access. The women in this area are especially at risk as they have double duty of rearing children and growing crops. Volunteer work in Ghana related to women empowerment, farming and otherwise improving basic social services and closing the rich/poor gap is easily available. Typically such volunteer projects operate on a regular basis with positions lasting from one to twenty four weeks. New volunteers for Ghana are inducted on a regular basis.

While English is commonly spoken in Ghana, many children have ineffective communication skills and English speaking volunteer workers in Ghana are in high demand. Volunteers are placed in urban and rural communities where they teach English independently or aid the local teachers. Teaching volunteers in Ghana follow the Ghanaian education system, which is introduced to the volunteers upon arrival in the country.


Individuals with medical background can help by providing volunteer medical aid in Ghana. Such workers are placed in small rural clinics where they provide services in cooperation with the local staff. If desired the medical volunteers in Ghana, can even be placed to work through orphanages, where they visit different orphanages delivering medical care.

Many volunteer options in Ghana exist for working in orphanages. Interested volunteers may be placed in rural or urban communities and they provide affection, care and teach the orphaned children. Volunteers design and execute teaching programs, events, and activities.

People who enjoy working outdoors with their hands can volunteer in Ghana to help improve basic infrastructure in small communities. Volunteers help renovate or construct clinics, orphanages, toilet facilities and schools. Work includes brick laying, plastering, shaping, steel bending, mortar mixing and a variety of other activities related to construction work.


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