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Volunteering in Gabon

Gabon like many African countries has a large population living in poverty. For this reason, Gabon has many organizations running programs supported by volunteers from all parts of the world. If you are in medicine or health care consider that in Gabon 1 in 10 children die from malnutrition and preventable disease before age five. The problem is exacerbated by very low surgeon and doctor to patient rations. Every year since 2002, 12 surgical training teams are sent to Bongolo hospital in Gabon to help alleviate the situation.

In relation to health, the International Red Cross through the Gabon Red Cross society offer programs in Ebola research to interested volunteers. The WCS, which is very active in Gabon, also has a facility for Ebola research and is likely to have suitable openings for interested applicants.

In addition to health, volunteering in conservation provides many opportunities in Gabon. Much of Gabon is covered in rain forest and the increased industrialization has led to the sprouting of many conservation oriented organizations. Volunteer activities in Gabon on conservation may include species such as elephants, primates, sea turtles and whales off the coast. The Peace Corps also have a volunteer programs operational in Gabon. However, being accepted into the Peace Corps often requires ample prior experience.

Volunteering anywhere can be a very fulfilling and memorable life experience. If you would like to travel and serve a worthy cause, then volunteering is the best way to go about it. For opportunities in Gabon, discover more from organizations on the web and agencies. For a first time trip, it’s often better to have your trip managed by an agency due to their experience.


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