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Volunteering in Dominican Republic

Due to almost half the population living below the poverty line, there is a great need for volunteer workers in the Dominican Republic. Many international organizations operating in the country offer extended vacations combined with volunteer jobs in the Dominican Republic in a large variety fields.

Many areas of the country are not developed and are in need of major development. Volunteers are needed to work in projects related to building and renovating community centres, schools, and public gardens. The education system is also not very highly developed so volunteer options in the Dominican Republic are open for teaching children as well as adults. Teachers focus on written and conversational English, which not only allows them to do something worthwhile but build their own resumes as well. Community development is another area that requires volunteers in the Dominican Republic. In this field, volunteers work on projects related to biomass stoves, solar energy and water filtration.

Best places for volunteering in the Dominican Republic include Santo Domingo, the capital city which also happens to be the oldest, continuously occupied place in the Americas. Another good location for doing volunteer work in the Dominican Republic is Santiago de los Cabelleros, the second largest city and an area that relies heavily on agriculture.

It is recommended that before you go for your volunteer vacation in the Dominican Republic, you get vaccinate for Hepatitis A & B and Typhoid, so your stay is safe and enjoyable. If the work you plan to volunteer for requires that you spend a lot of time outdoors, it is best to get vaccinated for Rabies as well. Dominican Republic is tourist friendly and a fairly safe destination, as long as some basic precautions are taken.



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