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Volunteering in Cyprus

Cyprus has become a popular destination in recent years due to its chic resorts, stone villages, scenic panorama, citrus groves, crystal clear waters, snow covered peaks and beautiful weather. Unfortunately not everyone can afford a holiday in this little piece of heaven. Volunteering is an admirable way of exploring Cyprus on a budget. Volunteering provides almost free sabbaticals that allow one to learn new languages, gain professional experience, learn about new cultures and live in a new country.

While volunteering is a fairly recent activity in Cyprus it is catching on fast. One can volunteer for any length of time, starting with a few weeks to a full year. There are numerous volunteering opportunities in a large variety of fields. Some volunteering options include:

  • Working in an orphanage
  • Donating time to healthcare projects
  • Helping out in non-profit organizations
  • Teaching English
  • Working on conservation projects
  • Helping people with disabilities

Many small farmers and other business owners advertise privately asking for volunteers. In return for helping out, the volunteers are given free food and lodging. For example, there are family run horse race yards where one can help with managing the stable or exercising horses by taking them for a swim. In return one gets to stay with a traditional Cypriot family in their house and enjoy ethnic cuisine.

The Marine Turtle Conservation Project is another worthwhile activity, especially for students of Marine Studies.  Although volunteers have to put in long hours, six days a week, there is still time for leisure.


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