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Volunteering in Côte d'Ivoire

Volunteering anywhere can provide a truly memorable experience and in the Côte d'Ivoire, many organizations can facilitate this kind of experience. Interested volunteers can get more information from sites such as planetgapyera.com. Among the offerings is a 24-week humanity exchange volunteer program that runs in Abidjan. Given the Francophone origins of this nation, volunteers should be interested in learning French.

Another useful organization for finding suitable volunteer opportunities is Xperience Cote d’Ivoire. The organization has several volunteer programs active in the country that send participants to assist in orphanages, teach English in schools or work in community development or human rights projects across the country. The objective of this organization is to engage in activity that works towards strengthening cohesion between members of the Ivorian community.

Volunteers interested in climate change and the environment can find suitable openings working with organizations such as the International Climate Action Network. The organization enlists young volunteers to assist in protection and conservation of natural resources, as well as committing in issue advocacy among vulnerable groups.

For volunteers interested in human rights activities, ATD Fourth World movement’s operations in Côte d'Ivoire can offer a very rewarding experience. The organization first began working in the country in 1981 with a single volunteer. Since 2007, ATD has been in partnership with several organizations operating awareness creations sessions in addition to training sessions in the country. Working with the foundation is especially fulfilling as it provides hope to the poor through variety of approaches that cater for both volunteers and individuals interested in making other contributions.


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