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Volunteering in Comoros

The Comoros islands are located in the Atlantic Oceans several miles inland off the coast of Mozambique. The region is popular for a variety of interesting marine species such as turtles and whales.

On islands of Moheli and Grand Comore, volunteers can get to explore the island while assisting with conservation activities. The CRCAD enlists volunteers from august to November to participate in whale watching activity. Participants will spot the whales or dolphins, assist in photo identification, help record video footage, take notes on animal behaviour, help with acoustic devices and sampling.

In addition to the Whales, volunteers are also recruited to monitor the vulnerable Lemur mongoose species on the islands. The species originally from Madagascar are believed to have been brought by pirates or by floating logs to Comoros. In addition to Lemurs, some of the Comoros islands are very important nesting and breeding ground for green turtles and is home to a rare hawksbill turtle sanctuary. Volunteers are also active in participating conservation activities for these species.

The repeated political strife in Comoros has led to a low literacy level and inadequate numbers of trained teachers in the country. For this reason, volunteer organizations recruit volunteers to teach within the country to help improve literacy and competitive position of the local population. Volunteers mainly teach English and computer studies.

In addition to these organizations, interested volunteers can also participate in ECDD programs within the country. The organization composed of a team of professionals supported largely by volunteers has special programs aimed at teaching sustainable management of natural resources, improvement of livelihoods and improved community landscape management.


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