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Volunteering in Chad

Chad is a central African nation that has been ravaged by war and poverty. Due to these two issues, the country’s population struggles with defaced and damaged public facilities and food crisis. Many organizations have set up in the country to help alleviate the suffering and your contribution as a volunteer could be invaluable to their recovery and livelihood.

The Peace Corps is among the organizations that recruits ad send s volunteers into Chad. The Corps volunteers are trained in local languages to ease the adaptation process and are accommodated in camps. The volunteers typically are involved in activities such as community education and health care.

The MINURCAT-UNV program established in 2008 is one of the many international initiatives that are operational in Chad to help address local problems. Volunteers in the program work in areas such as civil affairs, human rights and technical support (Logistics, engineer, information technicians etc.). Since inception of the program, the UNV volunteers have accomplished much in transfer of knowledge, promotion of volunteerism, and mobilization of volunteerism. The program works in close partnership with UNDP and administers all volunteers in all UN agencies across Chad.

Due to civil conflict within Chad, much of the country’s wildlife was killed and currently efforts are being made to replenish game parks. To achieve this some conservation organizations have started to use recruited volunteers to help with the conservation work in the country. Volunteers in conservation can work in wildlife reserves such as Zakouma national park and contribute to restoration of a number of species and activities such as tree planting.


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