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Volunteering in Cameroon

Much of Africa is developing and perfect for volunteer excursions. Cameroon is a perfect location where you should find meaningful, memorable and rewarding volunteer activities. For wildlife and conservation lovers, the gorilla research expedition located in the Lebialem-Mone forest can provide a perfect volunteer experience. Volunteers in this project trek through the forest recording observations on the gorilla sin the park. It is suitable for people who like the outdoors as living arrangements include camping and hostels.

The rapid urbanization in Cameroon has led to many unprecedented health dilemmas such as HIV/AIDS. This scourge has left many orphans who are catered for by organizations such as Love International. The organization often enlists volunteers to assist in short term projects such as school construction, to longer-term livelihood projects including computer classes and other vocational training.

The poor state of the economy suggests the Cameroonian government is hard pressed to meet its demands. Because of this, there are periodic volunteer opportunities for as many as 300 people at a go coming into Cameroon. Teaching Education Mission has such a program active in Cameroon aiming at children between 3 and 13 years old. Teachers in this project are involved in mobile education programs, remedial education programs, child and adult literacy programs. Volunteers can also assist in maintenance activities such as painting, decoration and mending furniture.

In addition to the above, projects other organizations invite volunteers to help educate the public on environmental agendas with long-term effects on the poverty situation. Such initiatives taking volunteers on tree planting trips, maintenance of tree nurseries, teaching about sustainable farming, well construction, water and sanitation projects. Cameroon has a lot to offer volunteers and interested applicants should take time and make a good choice.


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